Wood Modular Furniture for Store interior Decorating

by admin on March 27, 2011


We often saw various storage system that shown in some distribution fashion store in all over the world in charming style which is not fail to get the costumer attention. The existence this  wood modular system is very useful to get a  good store layout match with all the thing inside out as what really visitor needs to buy. The fashion and accessories that store sell, looks much more interesting if it putting down in fit furniture system with suits arrangement also. This modular furniture is produced by Danish Mapt  as a kinds of storage system that must the owner store take. Beside comes as flexible furniture, it also have stylist looks reflects from the various system side. Pine wood is the main material in produced this furniture system. Like common modular system it offers a lot of storage area to show of the commodity store. These modular photos bellow will proving the detail.

Wood Modular Furniture

Wood Modular Cabinet

Eco-friendly Wood Modular Cabinet

Wood Modular Furniture for Store

Modular Cabinet for Store Interior

Modular Cabinet Made of Wood

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