Eco Smart Garden Fireplaces with Adjustable Flame

by admin on June 16, 2011


If you miss the warmth in the cold time, fireplace is your decision. Their sparkling flame enable to wraps  you in the cozy heat. Lose you tiredness and remove your stress can be cured by this Eco smart garden fireplace that would shoot you with warm and pleasant your eyes with its artistic flame. The bio ethanol liquid surely safe for you and air surround. Celeste Dell Anna gives this garden furniture name The Tower inspired by the Padella Romana a distinctive lighting as a symbol of status during the Roman Empire in the Patrician family. Eco smart fire is practical decorative item for your entrance way, garden or swimming pool/alfresco areas. You can chose the black one for more mysterious looks but much more elegant or white fireplace for much more bright and clear looks. The flame able to sparkling the heat between 7-20 hours by using 5L containers, & is £10 per container, in boxes of 4 where it comes with adjustable flame. You could adjust the flame from the top. If you interest with this Eco smart fire, you could find the further information in go modern site.

Gotic Garden Fireplace

Clear White Entrance Fireplace

Black Outdoor Fireplace

Practical Black Fireplaces

Reference: gomodern


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