Cool Kids Study Desk Design

by admin on March 9, 2011


Parent always care with their kids as the most worthy gift for their life. They always help the kids to discover their selves and lead them to the perfect road by help the kids to do amazing and useful activity. For the beginner, kids really needs their parent as their first teacher to teach them about everything. Facility is also take important role to accompany both of kids and parent when they learning to do something. In informal school with parents as the teacher, the first lesson is drawing as the kids independence activity and a study desk is very useful for them. Tambino realizes it, and shows their care by produce a cool kids study desk that will help you and your kids in to do your drawing lesson and also will help the kids to recognize the number with 8 number as the desk surface and other number for the legs. The 8 surface combining with a bowl in the 8 hole to handle pencils, eraser and the kid’s crayon collection. Cool kids study desk made up from natural wood with safe water-based paint. This it is …

cool kids desk

cool kids study desk

kids study desk

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